Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekend Happening

I had a very nice weekend. Last Saturday 'til Sunday,3am,I did nothing but watching movie. lol.^^. First I watched the movie entitled Hachiko.

Hachikō (ハチ公?, November 10, 1923–March 8, 1935), known in Japanese as chūken Hachikō (忠犬ハチ公?, "faithful dog Hachikō" ('hachi' meaning 'eight', a number referring to the dog's birth order in the litter, and 'kō,' used at the end of names or as a suffix denoting endearment)). Hachikō was an Akita dog born on a farm near the city of Ōdate, Akita Prefecture,[1] remembered for his loyalty to his owner, even many years after his owner's death. Hachiko has his statue near the train station. I really cried while watching the movie.

Next,I watched Lee Min Ho's korean drama show entitled Kein-u-chi-yang(Personal Taste)

Jeon Jin Ho is a straight guy who pretends to be gay in order to become a roommate to his female friend, Park Kae In. His hobbies include organization and ironing, and he’s known for his stoic poker face. He’s a stickler for cleanliness, but he also has a talent for figuring out women’s feelings. Kae In is very trusting even though she has a habit of being betrayed. However that doesn’t stop her from giving people the benefit of doubt and Jin Ho is no different.

The drama is very nice. It's a romantic comedy drama. I laughed,cried and worried while watching it. I was not able to finish watching it for the drama takes a very long time. I started watching it at noon and I ended at 3:00am the next day. Weewwww.. It was the longest drama I've ever seen. It's longer than Lee Min Ho's previous dramas. Weeewwwwwww.. Super.. I feel tingled and etc. I want to finish watching it but I don't have much time anymore. tsk tsk..

But I have so much fun............Really............^^

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