Monday, June 14, 2010

This day is a very special day for mine(our term of endearment) for he has given another year to live in this world and I am very happy to be a part of his life. I admire him for being so simple. He never asks for anything to his parents if not needed. He never complains for the meals he eats everyday. He doesn't have any vices which I love the most. I love him for being him. Hr's such a simple yet a responsible man. Nobody can interchange my feelings for him because for me,he is the best. I know no one is perfect nor the best but if people just realized how perfect he is if seen in my eyes,then they would also love him very much.

This poem is for him...

Your birthday marks another year together;

Such happy times, I couldn’t ask for more,

Spending precious minutes, hours and days

With you, my love, whom I cherish and adore.

We’ve shared so much, we two, in love and friendship;

Each year our bond just seems to grow and grow.

I always want to be right next to you;

To be with you means more than you can know.

You’re always there for me with a loving smile;

I’m never happier than when I know you’re near.

I thought my love for you could not grow stronger;

And yet I love you even more this year. ♥

******I LOVE YOU more than you ever know,mine. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!. You were born to be a part of my life and I was born to tell you I love you. Mwah. Hope you won't change..^^


  1. goshhh....ka-sweet oie.. swerte kaayo si Dhon, that he found you...i know kamo njud!!!heheheh

  2. hehehe,sheryl.. hehehe.. Not that much.. hehehe.. But I'm lucky to have much.. lol..... hehehe