Monday, June 28, 2010


I declare myself to be free from vices.

I wish I could free myself of sicknesses.

I am thankful that my mom freed me from choosing friends.

I don't mind paying for bills at home but examination sheets in schools should be free.

I am free to lie over and over again. In fact, I look forward to it!

If I could choose one freedom I don’t have today it would be being independent. I want to live alone.

In a free and perfect world there would be no success if we work hand in hand.

I am going to write my Declaration of Independence on a piece of a big

I wouldn’t mind being taxed on my job but I highly resent being taxed on foods I ate.

When I was younger I was free to choose anything I wanted but now that I’m older I prefer to do the same thing. lol..

I declare myself free from the destructive habit of ...

I declare myself joyfully addicted to love my boyfriend!!!

I don’t think the world will ever be totally free of  criminals.

With complete abandon, I free fall into ...

In a hypothetical Superman existence, I would use my power to do good doing money for providing those kids who want to study in school.

I wickedly use my my power to do evil doing like putting those liars into Especially those who make stories which are not true.. grrr.

If I weren’t so dependent on my mom I could be truly independent about...

When I need to free my thoughts from stress and worry, I talk to Him and my boyfriend.

I would like to freely kick her in the seat of her hypothetical pants.

I want to do this stealing of foods every single day and pay no

If I had the power to throw one person in jail it would be her.. lol

If I had the power to free one person from bondage of any kind it would be her too.

If I could “speak truth to power“, I would say to the world ..<3

The 3 most important freedoms I have in my life are:

1: freedom to do things by myself
2: freedom to buy things using my own money
3: freedom to love him

My favorite freedom song is One Moment in Time... I will be,I will be FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..^^


  1. gosh..jes, i love this so perfect and very inspiring thoughts...