Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Worst Nightmare I Have Ever Had

I and my boyfriend were having a date. It was really romantic for he gave me a bouquet of pink(my fave color) roses and three boxes of expensive chocolates.  We went in many places ; Karaoke room and sang many songs, movie theater and arcade to play there. We had so much fun. He never failed to tell me how much he loves me.

We had a dinner in a very nice restaurant. That was my dream dinner date:candles on the table,bubbles around the place,musicians playing the violin and the man whom I love with me. The foods were luscious. It was really perfect!

We took a walk there for the restaurant has a mini-garden outside with fountain in the middle. We talked about anything.  Until I saw him a bit worried.  I didn't dare to ask him and I didn't mind it  because that might destroy our moment. A few minutes later,I went in the john and he borrowed my phone for he wanted to send a message to his parents in abroad asking them to call him.  After going to the john, I quietly walked near him while he was talking in the phone. I was at his back. Wanting to hear their conversation,I deliberately placed my ear on the phone. You know what I heard?... It was... "I miss you,baby. When will I see you?"='c.. I got numb after hearing those lines. He got shocked when he saw me hearing their conversation. I was like dying. A few minutes later, I hit him a lot,grabbed my phone,ran away and sobbed a lot. Then I received a message expecting it to be from him but it wasn't. It was the girl saying "I love you,baby. Be strong. I am going to wait for you." That made me cried a lot more.

Then.... alarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!.. It was just a  But when I got up it was like it's true so I cried a lot. If it's going to be true,I wish not to wake up. tsk.. tsk..


  1. shit!!!! i thought it was real...haiz!! i thought you consider it a nightmare in one of your nerves are trembling as i read each word....horror
    but...much better kay dream raman dii..

  2. hehehe.. Yeah,right.. hehehe. It's painful,isn't it.. hehehe.. Mao jud she.. hehehe